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Convection Toaster Oven Broiler Oster 2 Door Durable Baking Pans 2 Rack Charcoal

Convection Toaster Oven Broiler Oster 2 Door Durable Baking Pans 2 Rack Charcoal
Convection Toaster Oven Broiler Oster 2 Door Durable Baking Pans 2 Rack Charcoal
Convection Toaster Oven Broiler Oster 2 Door Durable Baking Pans 2 Rack Charcoal

Convection Toaster Oven Broiler Oster 2 Door Durable Baking Pans 2 Rack Charcoal
Charcoal Analog French 2 Door Convection Toaster Oven 2 Rack Durable Baking Pans. Oster French Door Oven with Convection. This stylish French door oven has one pull that lets you open both doors with one hand, for easy access and handlng of dishes and pans. This extra-large convection oven toasts, bakes, roasts, broils, and more, cooking quickly and evenly. With its sleek, metallic charcoal finish, it complements countertops while doubling oven space. Convenient countertop French door oven lets you open both doors with one hand. Turbo convection makes for fast, even cooking.

Double racks and pans Two racks provide maximum cooking flexibility. Includes a durable baking pan and a baking rack that doubles as a broiling pan. Extra large capacity Holds two large take-and-bake pizzas, a whole chicken, a roast, a casserole, or 9 slices of bread.

Simple to use Temperature to 450 degrees; toast settings from light to dark; 60 minute timer; removable crumb tray and wipe-clean exterior. Toast, bake, broil, and more with the chic and modern Oster French Door Oven with Convection. Youll love its versatility, especially when entertaining and oven space is tight, or in warm weather when your main oven is too hot. This convection toaster oven also warms and defrosts. You can open both doors of this countertop oven easily with a single door pull.

The extra-large capacity fits 2 large take-and-bake pizzas, plus the oven comes with 2 racks and a durable baking pan. The Turbo Convection technology cooks faster and browns more evenly, while the removable crumb tray makes cleaning easy. Oster French Door Oven with Convection, Metallic Charcoal. Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 21.60 x 19.29 x 12.91 Inches. I just received this as a Christmas Present.

I Love the way this looks. I can't wait to use it. Oster Products have never failed me.

I have a feeling I will be using this more than my regular oven. I'll come back when I get to use this and give a better review. I was going to return this oven to Walmart, but I opened the box and it was great.

I already try it and works great, beautiful oven. Great addition to my kitchen. Get this oven as soon as you can if you need a countertop oven. You will not be disappointed. Walmart has the best price for this item. And the use of my full size over for almost wverything!!! Bought it the day before thanksgiving because our oven coil burnt out and we couldn't get another one.

It was a real life saver we was able to use it to make the deserts dressing and rolls. I've increased my cooking ability and skills.

The oven has allowed me to expand my cooking range. We had our previous toaster oven for 20 years, and when it was time for a new one we tried several different models before we found this one. My one piece of advice is not to try to cook two'rising crust' pizzas at the same time. If you do, the bottom pizza's crust will cook just fine, but the top pizza's crust will not cook quickly enough, and as it goes through its frozen to dough to baked transformation, it will be soft enough to sink through the bars. The pan that comes with it is nice, and the instructions in the manual are fairly clear.

Love this oven, works as good as a regular oven even to bake cakes. May need hot pads for handles. I like the back being contoured to put a pizza in oven and that it has 2 racks.

Wish the doors had a seal around inside and at the closure of the two doors as some heat escapes and handles get hot so beware and maybe have a hot pad nearby when opening doors. It is big enough for my 9 x 13 pans and muffin pans.

It heats up quick and bakes well. You can't go wrong with this one!

I've really only had this oven for a few days, but in that time (several uses) it has been GREAT! Everything I've cooked in it has turned out exactly as it would in a traditional oven. I do think it's important to note the top (broiler) elements do NOT glow red like the bottom elements do, but they do work. The oven comes with an instruction manual but it isn't very detailed, so if you aren't familiar with counter top convection cooking you might do a bit of Google research just so you don't feel like the oven isn't performing properly. If this will be your first countertop convection oven be patient during the learning process, cooking can be slightly different than in a traditional oven.

The pros of this oven: Heating is fairly consistent throughout the unit. Most countertop ovens have hot and cold spots and require rotating food during cooking, I haven't had any issues in this area with this oven. It's very user friendly. Even though the instructions are sparse the dials are easy to read.

I love the look and design, this was a birthday gift from my husband because I ask for it and he surprised me with it, I dont use it as much as I thought I would. I have noticed it doesn't cook evenly unless its on turbo. I do like how I can use it for the simpler items instead of having to use the big oven. I made muffins in it last night and they came out nice, you just have to try different settings until you find the right temp and setting for different items. Excellent for a small space!

Perfect for our youth area kitchen at church! Works well, spacious and simple to use! I highly recommend this oven! This oven is absolutely beautiful. Performs outstanding in all cooking functions. Plus you can't beat the price.

The size is great, fits most baking pans and works wonderful. I really like the size of this oven. It truly does take a 9x13 pan; even one with handles. I can cook just about anything in it. The french doors are nice.

They open wide enough and easy enough to make access to the oven actually less difficult than the big oven in my kitchen. The only improvement I can think of for this oven would be a light.

It is a very nice looking oven. I need to find a space to put it so that I can actually use it. My kitchen is small and this keeps it so much cooler! It is so easy to use, although I wish it came with more cooking instructions.

I have had to guess how to cook using the toaster oven. I also love that I you can open the doors with one hand!

French doors make it so easy... No more burning hands trying to remove dishes! We love having a countertop oven -- less strain on your back. You do have to remember to Preheat the oven.

I like that you can easily get used to setting the oven dials from top to bottom for what you are baking. We opted to keep our toaster for bread or bagels. But the Turbo setting is nice for baking cookies. It would be nice if future models of this oven would have a light inside. For now I just use my cellphone light. It is a very good oven and great to have it at or near eye level. Our big oven is not working. I bought this oven for my camp. It had no 220 volt outlet in the kitchen and no gas hookups. I had bouth another brand of convection oven, but was very dissatisfied with it took my over 3 hours to bake a 3lb chicken in it! I did some research and settled on the Oster XL digital french door oven, and it has done everything i've asked of it. I dare say its every bit as good as the full sized oven i have in my home. Everything i've cooked in it has come out perfect and its very user friendly, and those French doors really add a professional restaurant oven flair to it. I would recommend this to anyone needing a 2nd oven or someone that doesn't have gas or 220 volt hookups in their kitchen. Perfect countertop oven, couldn't ask for more!!! I absolutely love it and recommend it to anyone considering purchasing one. I have had it for two weeks and have used it several times already. I have roasted a whole 7 lb chicken with vegetables, frozen pizza, beef roast with vegetables and even made cookies. There is a temperature difference between the back of the oven and the front but a simple turning of the food half way through cooking solves that problem. As other reviews stated the temperature is off a little, but an oven thermometer solves that problem too!! No more waiting for my full size oven to preheat and then heating up my whole kitchen. I love, love, love this french door oven. If you are considering purchasing one don't wait a moment longer, run to the store and get it, you wont be sorry!!! I bought this oven two weeks ago and have not used my full size oven since. I have used this oven to make frozen pizza, a full roast chicken with vegetable, pot roast with all the fixings, chicken tenders and even cookies. It is the perfect size for two adults. Now that my children are on their own I was looking for an alternative to using my full size oven and this fits the bill perfectly. Other reviewers mention the temperature difference between the back and front of the oven and the temperature not matching the setting, a simple oven thermometer solves one problem and simply turning the food during cooking solves the other. There is no light that can be turned on, but the doors are glass so you can see in and a flashlight shines right through the doors if you really need to see the food without opening the doors.

Bakes, roasts and overall performance is fantastic. Love the way the door opens leaving counter space that other models do not.

Very efficient, does it all! We no longer use the full size oven in our kitchen, just the burners. We cook everything in the TSSTTVFDXL. I do 10 pound oven stuffer roasters and my wife bakes her famous buttermilk bread in it. Best of all, you don't have to get on your hands and knees to clean it! Bought this oven during the summer and it is probably one of the best decisions I have made. Cooks everything to perfection, a snap to clean and looks great This review was collected as part of a promotion. My wife bought this oven a year ago and I use it every day=I was going to gt the bigger size but It was too big for where It was going to go=My Daughter in Washington State bought the big one and loves it== I bake bread every week This review was collected as part of a promotion. I used it for first time today and I love it. There is less bending into a stove oven, easier cleaning, more control over your cooking and less chance of burning your hands. With a light that automatically comes on inside the oven, I can instantly glance inside the oven without opening the doors to check on the cooking process. There is a gap between the french doors when the doors are closed for cooking. My cake did not bake evenly and the front of the cake, near the split in the doors, is where the cake did not cook properly. Maybe Turbo Convention mechanism should be off?

Can I get an answer, please. Best toaster oven i ever had. I bought 5 of these ovens for our camp. I bought myself one, when my friends saw mine they had to have one. I then boughtbought 4 more.

We bought these for our camp. Great ovenews and great price. My wife bought the TSSTTVFDXL and I have had it about t20 weeks and I found out your can't bake Homemade bread on the upper rack as it will rise to much and burnt the bread = I use the convection oven part and It does a wonderful job I Love this machine.

Great oven if you have the space. This French door oven is a very attractive and sturdy countertop appliance. It does a very good job at heating and cooking food items like frozen meals, frozen pizza, fish sticks and items like that. It's a very good alternative to microwaving leftovers. The unit has a quality feel when you turn the knobs, open the doors and pull the trays out. I believe this would last quite a long time. It cooks food faster than you would in a conventional oven presumably because of the smaller space that needs to preheat and the efficient heat convection.

It has many functions like warm broil toast bake and turbo, all of which to a good job as described. I only have two complaints with this unit. One is the overall size. In my average kitchen this unit is just too large.

It takes up a quarter of the counter space along one wall which is just too much for one appliance. My other complaint which probably would apply to any oven of this type is the requirement for 6 inches of clearance on all sides. It does get pretty hot so it makes sense that it shouldn't be up against your wall or refrigerator but it adds to the overall space requirement for the unit.

The Oster French Door Convection Oven is a large counter top oven. It has a wide variety of functions, ranging from toast, bake and broil. It has a large capacity that can handle cooking two pizzas at a time, or a full casserole when your regular oven is full with a Thanksgiving turkey. It's design is attractive in stainless steel and large glass doors that make viewing the contents easily.

It opens very easy and can be accessed with one hand. I did find a few negatives to this oven however. There is no definitive preheat for this oven.

You can set the temperature, but never really know when it has been reached. The timer ticks while it is on. This became annoying after a while. While the size was very useful on Thanksgiving to cook additional foods, i found it to be too big for daily use and missed the counter space it took up. Overall, this is a nice supplemental oven for your kitchen.

Looks great in the kitchen and works great. This product has been great from toasting bread for breakfast to cooking fish or pizza for dinner. The product looks great in the kitchen.

I like how once the timer is off, the oven turns off by itself. No need to remember to turn other knobs to off. The double French doors looks great, but you have to remember to pull them all the way open or else the doors will slam. I feel like items closer to the back cook faster or more than items closer to the front/ where the doors open. I would still rate this product with a 4.

Very nice looking in the kitchen and seems to be of nice quality, does not appear to be cheaply made. Great alternative to using full size oven! When the oven arrived I was pleasantly surprised!!

This oven is very attractive and really draws your eyes to it! It is quite large and can easily accommodate 2 large pizzas which is wonderful when you have a houseful of hungry teenagers! I don't like having to run my big kitchen oven if I don't have to. I live in a small apartment and my big oven heats up the entire kitchen and living room!

This is a great alternative! I love the French doors!

They stay open and provide easy access for inserting & removing food trays, as well as for cleaning the oven. The oven has 5 different cooking functions & a temperature range of 200 to 450 degrees, allowing you to customize your cooking method for any type of food you wish to prepare! One feature is for turbo convection heat, something I had not experienced before. It also has a 1 hour built in timer with a'stay on' feature. The oven comes with a large food tray which can slide under one of the racks when broiling, or sit on top of a rack for baking. This oven is truly versatile! And yes, it works quite well! Although still in the testing phase, I've used many of the functions and I haven't found much that I dislike about the oven!

However, one thing that I'm not particularly fond of is the toast function. It takes too long to warm up & begin toasting. I prefer to use my good ole' fashion toaster, for toasting! I prefer that to using knobs.

Otherwise, this is a great product! It looks very nice, works very well, and is a great substitute if you don't like having to constantly turn on a big oven! I received this product as a sample to review.

Must have product for easy cooking. Love this french door oven.

Really liked how opening and closing one door works for both the doors. I have been using it for a month and really satisfied with the result. Very convenient to bake cookies, make pizzas, cook meats and almost everything is possible. DisclaimerReceived this product as sample to review. I love my new Oster french door oven. It look good and it work perfectly. From roasting a whole chicken perfectly, baking chocolate chip cookies beautiful, to making pizza bread that was devoured quickly, we are thrilled with our little wonder.

It fits beautiful on our counter and is pretty enough to have out all of the time. We are a family who lives in the heat of the desert and this oven keeps the heat out of the kitchen.

I would recommend this to anyone as a nice substitute to a full size oven. We got this oven just before Thanksgiving. It was a lifesaver to have an extra oven to help prepare dinner for all of our guest. We were able to fit multiple casseroles to cook at once. The size is great and cooks very evenly. This oven also heats up very quickly. We keep this oven out for pizza nights and for reheating food rather than using the microwave.

Baking and reheating is a breeze! I was thrilled to try this oven out. I have been wanting a good quality toaster oven with multiple features for quite some time. Even my 11 year old was able to use this with great ease and caution after I briefed him on safety. The toasting function it so handy for bagels and toast.

We were able to reheat slices of pizza and other leftovers. We made and kept warm ribeye steak and cheese quesadillas. It's a fantastic alternative to the microwave. One really does need a good set of oven mitts. Everything from warm, toast and bake to broiling.

The temperature range is appropriate for the oven and I love that there is a timer you must set in order for it to function. It has a cute little timer bell that is not overpowering. All in all this improves my household meal prepping. Great Countertop Oven with Multiple Features. The Oster Countertop French Door Convection Oven is a life saver! It is a small oven that does BIG things! While taking up a little countertop space, the oven serves so many purposes and makes cooking a breeze.

I love the dual racks - and the idea of cooking 2 pizzas in it is amazing. During the holidays this came in very handy - it's like having a double oven in your kitchen without the cost. It was truly a lifesaver in getting multiple dishes at the same time.

I love the multiple features of baking, toasting, broiling and warming. It's even easy enough for my kids to make themselves a piece of toast.

The removable tray provides for easy clean up. The French doors are a classic design that looks great in my kitchen.

I love the multiple functions of the oven and the size allows me to cook meals, bake and even toast bread without heating up my entire kitchen! I received this product as a sample to review, however the opinions are my own. Oster French door oven is very impressive sleek looking appliance that looks great on my kitchen countertop. It has a wide French door that makes it easier to put food in and out from the oven without spilling stuff. It has a in built in timer and dials to control temperature. I would have given it five stars if it had it had a digital temperature reading screen and digital controls. Incredible features all in one. I received my oven very excited and I have cooked many menus and foods and everything that I have tasted was very good since 1 single slice of bread until full lasagna was pefect. This oven is great, it is very large and can easily cook a casserole for your family. It heats quickly and evenly. I made a double round cake in this for my daughters birthday and it turned out perfect.

The only reason I cannot give 5 stars on the oven is because the entire outer surface gets extremely hot and you can easily be burned. I received this product as a sample for my honest review. Oven that's big but good. I got this as a sample for free.

This oven does the job. It does take up much counter space. It is surprisingly light for how big it is. Easy to use and has lots of room inside. Basically this is a smaller oven.

If you have the counter space then this its great because it heats up much quicker than my oven. The nice thing about this is if you already have an oven and at some point need to use two you can always take this out of storage and use it.

When we first received our French Door Oven with Convection we knew it would get a good amount of use over our regular oven. This oven has almost fully replaced our current oven every time we go to cook something.

Be it a quick dinner for our children like chicken nuggets and fries or to baking home made chicken parmesan. Not only does it start right up and is ready to be used before getting everything together to actually cook but the cook time seems much faster than our full over.

Another huge plus that I saw while using it recently with the holiday season is the oven is big enough to host a cookie party and was perfect for making two different cookies at the same time. I look forward to continue to use this as our primary oven simply because it does what we need it to do and does it quick! Easy to use clean and love. Big oven cooking in a table top size!

This oven is easy to use. It matches my other stainless appliances. The convection feature cuts down on cook time. I love that it preheats and cooks faster so that my entire house is not heated by my conventional oven. We have baked cookies and even cooked two pizzas at once in the oven.

The oven seems to be of high quality and very durable. I was very lucky to receive this product as a sample to review. Good function, great looks, a little complicated. I received this product as a review, and had no expectations as I have never had a convection oven. The stainless steel oven and glass doors look great, and would go well in any kitchen.

The doors both slide open at the same time, making placing and removing items into the oven very simple. It comes with two wire racks, and drip on the bottom, that slides out easily making cleaning a breeze. I typically make pizzas in here and they come out perfect every time; golden brown crust, and the cheese melted. There are multiple functions including baking, warming, and turbo.

While this is great, as the unit as a whole is about the size of a microwave, it was a bit hard for me to learn at first, and I'm still trying to get the hang of it. The timer function is also a turn dial, which is a bit retro, and when the timer goes off, so does the heating element. I guess it's a good safety function, but nevertheless, a nuisance. Overall, I would recommend this product, especially to those living in an apartment or smaller living space, as it could replace one or more appliances.

Quick and simple to use! We found the oven to be very convenient when heating and reheating food, since it requires no warm-up time. We especially like the'turbo' function since it spreads the heat and the food cooks more evenly. Our first impression was that this was a large oven to fit in the kitchen, but it is the right size for what we use it for e. It will fit a full-size pizza.

One word of caution, though, is that nothing should be left on top since it does get hot, as well as the glass that make up the French doors. Another thing to keep in mind is that this product is best for cooking only a single layer at a time e. One pizza will cook evenly and properly, but two pizzas stacked at different heights will not cook properly since the heat will not flow adequately into the space between the two.

We have it used for cooking food that does not have to be thawed and it works great. The French doors are also very convenient for removing and inserting food, and the product cools quickly after use. NOTE: We received this product as a sample to review. Cooks Better and Saves Energy! I'm now a believer in the convection oven craze. Here is why you should be too. 1 It cooks food better. Baked goods come out cooked evenly and thorough.

I know this sounds a bit stupid, but even frozen pizzas taste better when made in this thing. It just so happens that a DiGiorno-style pizza fits perfectly on the rack that comes with it.

Everything I have made comes out better in this oven. It takes far less energy to make the things. 3 It is beautiful and looks great on the countertop.

It is matches my other appliances. 4 My teenage boys are now more independent cooking their own food. It saves energy and is easier to clean up. The dials are a little confusing at first but once they get it, they love this machine. 5 It cooks faster than a conventional oven. It does have to preheat, but the preheat time is less than half of a full-size oven. The cooking time is less also.

6 The one negative is that it takes up quite a bit of counter space. It turns out that we use this far more often than we use the microwave. My boys are arguing over who gets to take it when they move out. 7 The French doors are a really great plus.

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  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Item Length: 21.60
  • Item Width: 19.29
  • Energy Star: Compliant
  • Manufacturer Warranty: N/A
  • Manufacturer Color: Charcoal
  • Bundle Description: None
  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Brand: Oster
  • Model: 31160840
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Item Depth: 10 in
  • Power: 1000 W
  • Features: Convection Oven
  • Color: Black
  • Appliance Uses: Bake
  • Item Weight: 10 lbs
  • Item Height: 10 in
  • Type: Countertop Oven
  • Material: Metal
  • Finish: Stainless Steel
  • Maximum Timer Setting: 100 min
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • MPN: 31160840

Convection Toaster Oven Broiler Oster 2 Door Durable Baking Pans 2 Rack Charcoal